Sunday, December 20, 2009

sunday afternoon, 3:54

This was supposed to be a family day. Where did everyone go? Well, I'm bored and this is what I decided. I am weird. Really, really, weird. And, not to mention, I just do random things. Like, well- I dont know. But anyone who knows me well enough knows that i do do random things. hehe i "do do" funny. so what i need is an idea. An idea for what to post weekly about something on my blog. It would be lovely if you could comment with some....My dad made me a deal. If I take care of Hazel for a whole good year, I get a dog. And it starts today. The only problem? My dad will probably forget and heck-so will I. So I need your help to remember. Look- I've already found my weekly topic how the week with hazel went. Every week, you can comment with ideas to make all of this fun, or what type of dog we should get if this actually works. I've gotta feeling(hoo hoo) that this will be a great idea. it will work! adios! I've got to go find something to do...BI!

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  1. i hope it works and i think you should get a pug or puggle they are so cute and merry christmas