Saturday, August 15, 2009



Thursday, August 13, 2009

day 1 of kindness project

ok so yesterday was day one of the kindness project.It started out by waking up and being lazy. Then, i did the laundry and made my mommas bed... she liked that. After that i went to the beach it was a blast . haley chadley anne and i went crazy. we burried ourselves in the sand as youve seen on chadleys blog and swam in the ocean. at first it was cold, but later it was gorgeous. i felt like i was in hawaii! later i came home to find that my mommy had gotten me some new shoes! they r designer and she got them way marked down! GO SALES! plus they r made in france! GO SALES EVEN MORE! later i went to our yw activities aka pool party at the bontempos it was for everyone but mainly the bees and deacons were there...that night at annes we watched the best 2 years the best two years so im going to the land of the tulips where ill be knockin on my best 2 years! and i made my mommy a bee utiful card... SHE LOVED IT! so can you guess which act of kindness was on purpose... yes caller 98 thats right the card! it was great and showed my momma appreciation for her ...Bon apetite!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Julie and julia!

I just went and saw julie and julia with my mom and was inspired. Because of this, i have decided to each day do an act of kindness. Whether it be for my family, friends, or strangers, I will keep track of it here! I will start tommorow and end this christmas. what could happen! also i am now following the blog what could happen by julie powell if you want to follow as well here's the link! i would love it if you guys would comment for support... and oh yeah bon apetite!