Saturday, September 19, 2009

i got a suprise from provo!

My brother super suprised us and came down from the utard country! aka provo and byu love it love it! I went to a hip hop happening party and am going to another one tonight. Today at the beach i decided to add more things on the list of stuff i hart like...crunchy sand hehe tide pools hehe again, playing in the waves like a 5 year old hehehehehha (i said ha this time!) annnnd ........ going on a super low tide tide day after a super high tide day to collect c-shells so basically i love the beach in almost every way! my dad and i are planning a trip to take a train to herst catsle or something like that and i want to see a sand catle contest amd learn spannish that just redid my whole goal board.....


  1. update please i want to hear a story

  2. send me your email shelbs in facebook message so I can invite you to be an author on our girls only blog :)