Saturday, July 18, 2009

I had the best two days of my life!!!!

Okay this week my mom is in L.A. for work, and my two brothers, Trevor and Shane, drove to a family reunion in Provo also to hang out with friends. Because of this somewhat Tragic!! story, my dad and I are home alone until sunday evening. And you know what that means...PARTY ON!!!!! So yesterday was friday july 17, 2009. I woke up to the extreme california heat in my overheated bed wearing my heat trap red and white striped pjs. My dad woke me up telling me he would be home at twelve when we were to see...Harry Potter! Two hours later at ten o,clock, I had to hours to spare and I decided to invite Hi-c, otherwise known as Chadley Baker or c-bake, and we had a blast. For the first hour of CRAZINESS we swam. and the second we watched George Lopez(only the apropriate ones though:)) and danced around like crazies with my dads rubber excerscise ball to fun music. last but least, she helped me make... THIS VERY OWN BLOG! I love you Chadley baker!Then for the next five hours of my life.... I had a date with my daddy! We went to see harry potter and then grabbed some chicken legs from El Pollo Loco! it was some ggooooooooood qualitee time! After that i want to dance, then to the bookstore( Borders) with my daddy. then, i partied it up at the McCuskers with Camden and Jessica. it was a great day!

On saturday(today) Life was even better! Although I'm getting really tired so my long,long, story will have to be shortened. This is also so you don't die of my descriptiveness. The pictures from today are up above^! I woke up and went to dance were I worked it in my competition lyrical company class and tumbling( I need to work on my tumblin!) Then, I came home, and basically sat around like a lazy fool making my blog pretty....Did I tell you I'm addicted? The I went to Jessica coleman's house we made her blog pretty. Then played like the inner 5 year olds we are:)! After that the best part of my day began. No offense Jess (but i still had a blast anyway so...). my dad and I had another date! we went boogie boarding at t-street! I had SO MUCH FUN! It was a blast and everything was perfect! I LOVE YOU DADDY! Then we went food shopping and to yogurtland and now we are eating it. thanks for reading!

Love Shortyraerae!

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  1. yeah party at my house hahah sounds like a fun day